InsiteCommerce platform update

InsiteCommerce 4: Next-Gen Improvements for B2B Commerce Needs

InsiteCommerce 4 has been significantly re-engineered using a modern, scalable service architecture laying the foundation to power the next generation connected commerce platform for complex B2B interactions.

Key to the success of this platform is our ability to prescribe the extension points to allow for easy and quick upgrades – combining the flexibility and extensibility of a platform while facilitating the rapid and seamless functional enhancements you need in today’s rapidly changing environment. This means seamless upgrades without having to re-platform.

With InsiteCommerce 4 as your commerce solution, you and your customers benefit in many ways:



Fast and easy upgrades:

The latest architecture advancements make software upgrades faster and easier than ever, with no need to wait for Insite’s newest innovations and improvements as they become available.


Excellent website performance:

Realize faster-than-ever website performance, especially during times of peak traffic and heavy order transactions.


Improved system integrations:

InsiteCommerce continues to fully integrate with your ERP, PIM, CMS, CRM and other critical third party business systems, now even faster and easier than before.


Simplified customizations:

Well defined extension points make adding customizations easier, without needing to make core code changes.

InsiteCommerce Features List

Download this 7 page data sheet for an up-to-date detailed list of features and descriptions of the leading B2B eCommerce platform, InsiteCommerce.