CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Definition

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a strategy or technology companies use to manage and analyze customer data and touch points throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal is to improve customer relationships, retention and drive sales growth. CRMs give salespeople and management unparalleled insight into the sales process.

Sales Force CRM Adoption

All salespeople really want to do is sell. Yet, much of their time is spent in mindless administrative tasks. The biggest culprit is manual data entry after each customer interaction.

A CRM is only as good as it's data. Sales reps would much rather punch numbers into a phone than data into a desktop computer screen. Automating or delegating data entry responsibilities will make your reps more productive and happier. In other words, make your CRM work for your sales reps, instead of your sales reps work for your CRM.

Sales Mobile CRM App

Insite Sales Enablement

Insite's sale enablement is a powerful platform that connects sales, marketing and leadership teams with the right content and tools for the ultimate customer experience on any device. 

With the Quick Create capability, sales reps can update your CRM records in 15 seconds or less! Because it’s so easy to use, your sales team can focus more on selling and less on data entry.