eCommerce Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors

Many business-to-business (B2B) manufacturers and distributors have legacy websites that have been built with eCommerce solutions that have quickly become outdated, were unable to scale and were no longer supported by the vendor.  

Insite Software is often selected as an eCommerce partner because of our strong knowledge of the complex manufacturing and distribution marketplaces. We understand that B2B organizations require unique eCommerce functionality such as customer-only portals, tiered pricing, customer verification for sensitive product purchase, managing inventory in multiple locations, and quick order input mechanisms.

With these differences in mind, InsiteCommerce was developed, an eCommerce solution that addresses the unique needs of B2B sites. The platform is designed to exceed your expectations for B2B-driven functionality while providing the rich user interface and dynamic content your B2B buyers have come to expect in eCommerce transactions.

Integrated eCommerce Solution

Scaleable and Flexible eCommerce Solution

InsiteCommerce’s standards-based integration architecture accelerates integration into all of your critical business systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), payment gateways, tax calculation services, and more. 

With our scaleable and flexible eCommerce solution, companies can often go live with a site within 90-120 days, allowing your customers, dealers, sales reps, and others to transact online with you. Three key elements make this possible. First, our configurable platform supports quick iteration and allows for unparalleled  functionality, navigation and content management. Second, a library of fully functioning and fully integrated web site pages are ready to apply CSS and deploy. And third, our integration architecture allows you to control your data sources, data mappings, and unique business processes regardless of your ERP or other source data systems.

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