Integrated B2B eCommerce Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies now need to do more than just provide a website for their customers to purchase products. Manufacturers need to strategically provide branded and consistent content to their customers, allow their customers and sales reps to interact online, and give customers advanced tools to find and purchase the right products. The manufacturing industry now knows the only option is to modernize their business commerce practices with an agile digital strategy.

With Insite as your digital commerce partner, you get a team of dedicated B2B commerce experts who understand the nuances of your business to create a customized eCommerce software solution that meets the demands of your unique business requirements. The result is InsiteCommerce®, with B2B-specific functionality that allows your distributors to research and purchase your products online, as well as locate the store or authorized distributor nearest them quickly and easily.

With a robust eCommerce website powered by InsiteCommerce, your distributors can place online orders in a secure environment that clearly shows their negotiated pricing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine a website that can streamline configure-price-quote processes, manage many-to-one business relationships, configure complex products, actuate customer-specific pricing, and meet advanced customer administration needs. Even your sales team and other internal staff benefit from the anytime, anywhere access to in-depth product specs, pricing and customer account information.

InsiteCommerce fully integrates with your ERP, CRM, accounting, human resources and back-end systems to provide stock levels, order status, pricing and payment information, and more.