Advanced Search Capabilities with digital commerce

Advanced Search

Method of refining search results. Often a method to search within results of an initial search.

Ever-demanding, tech-savvy customers crave an eCommerce website that delivers fast search results, sorted the way they want. They also want those results to be filtered instantly in any way they choose just as much on your website as they already have on their favorite consumer shopping sites. Is your B2B website search technology keeping up?

Make It Easy With Intuitive Search

With the NEW InsiteCommerce® 4.2 Search, you can give your customers the fast, flexible, seamless experience they expect.

A few of these new search capabilities include:

  • Search configuration interface
  • Auto complete
  • Category suggestion
  • Product level boosting and burying
  • Web page content search
  • Product synonym management
  • Sponsored search
  • Search within search results
  • Last 10 terms search history
  • Search term redirects
  • Did you mean
  • Fuzzy search
  • Stop words
  • Stemming