Digital Transformation: Changing the Way You do Business

Digital Transformation eBook

Digital transformation encourages innovative thinking, realignment of business models, technology and investments to disrupt the competition and engage digital customers like never before.

Manufacturing and distribution executives are now starting to realize the transformative impact of deploying digital technologies in their organizations. Your customers want to use digital channels to connect, research, transact and socialize with you more than ever before. This digital disruption will impact not only how you do business, but also how you structure your organization.

Digital transformation is multi-faceted and multi-channeled

Increasingly, your customers and sales reps prefer to interact online. That’s why today’s manufacturers and distributors need to do much more than just provide a website for their customers to purchase products. They need to engage with their customers using multiple traditional and non-traditional channels.  Providing branded, consistent and detailed content to their customers, will allow customers and sales reps to interact online, and will give customers advanced tools to find and purchase the right products.

Progressive manufacturers and distributors lead the way in digital transformation

While some manufacturers and distributors are ready for the coming sea change and have already embraced it, others have not. Some organizations are thriving, some are only surviving, and others may fail; not too unlike what we saw of the winners and losers in the retail industry’s digital transformation. (Think Walmart and Amazon on the winning end of the spectrum, and now-defunct Borders books and Circuit City on the other.)

Today progressive organizations are building teams and putting digital commerce strategies in place with much success. Companies on the right path start with a digital roadmap, which serves as a comprehensive strategy that addresses these critical elements :

  • Identifies all stakeholders and gets to the root of their needs.
  • Outlines the online tools needed to build a dynamic platform.
  • Prescribes goals and measurement.
  • Lays out the investment strategy to get there.