The Right Architecture Drives Agility

Digital commerce foundation

If you’re making the move toward modern B2B digital commerce, you know the new eCommerce solution will need to provide the online B2B experience your customers want and expect, in a well-designed and intuitive interface that is a pleasure to use, and behind the scenes it needs to perform all the complex processes and integrations your business requires. The most important factor in getting all that is the solution architecture.

To manufacturers and distributors today, making a digital commerce transformation often means overcoming the challenges of getting out from under the weight of a heavy monolithic software architecture that only continues to grow, while adopting new technologies that are built to be lighter, less invasive and more easily connected.

The InsiteCommerce platform helps you break the time-consuming cycles of expensive maintenance and low-value upgrades characteristic of legacy systems, so you can focus on a new system that differentiates your business and positions it for growth into the future.

The agile architecture of InsiteCommerce drives faster, incremental and less risky change. Its small, decomposed and loosely coupled building blocks enable:

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Extension points for injecting plugins, handlers, mappers, angular components

Thrive with a modular, highly decomposed, service-aligned architecture.

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Achieve scale faster and with less capital to stay competitive.

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Speed, agility, and innovation

Experience faster time to market and keep up with the rapid testing, learning, adapting and iterating practices of modern eCommerce.

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Fast and easy upgrades

Always have access to the latest capabilities and improvements.