Seymour, CT


Manufacturer of premium vehicle accessories



Business Issue

As a recognized leader in their industry, Thule successfully sold its products through a network of dealers and distributors, but had one major challenge: Thule's B2B eCommerce site had a very low adoption rate. In order to maintain its position as a category leader, Thule knew they needed to overhaul their existing site. Thule knew they needed an eCommerce platform that met their complex business rules including managing inventory in multiple locations.

ERP Integration



With a product catalog of more than 10,000 unique items and 5,000,000 price records associated with individual distribution, manufacturing, and retail customers, Thule's new site (powered by InsiteCommerce) presents each customer a personalized product catalog based on site login credentials. The site's user adoption rate in Canada (one of Thule's new markets) doubled in the first two months — far exceeding their expectations for a new market. Thule also uses the site to automate their complex pre-booking order process, which has influenced an increase in their North American sales volume and a decrease in their customer service calls.

We received incredible feedback from our customers about the new site.

"We received incredible feedback from our customers about the new site. Many feel that [the site] is one of the best B2B sites they have used."

- Annie Scopel, Director of North American Customer Service at Thule