Brockville, Ontario


Global marketer and manufacturer of lighting, air moving and other products for residential and agriculture markets




Business Issue

Canarm needed to modernize their business with online tools for their sales reps, as well as for their wholesalers, retailers and distributors across widely varied industry segments in order to gain efficiencies, streamline ordering processes and reduce call center traffic. New digital channels were needed to transition their highly traditional offline agriculture mechanical products segment to a modern eCommerce experience that offers online research and order capabilities. The residential and commercial lighting side of the business was in need of advanced eCommerce capabilities in order to gain competitive edge in an already-established online market segment.


A new website was created that encompasses all Canarm's lines of business and market segments, as well as provides selling and account tools that empower Canarm's sales team. As customers adopt the new technology, they become increasingly self-sufficient in their product research and purchasing, which significantly reduces customer service calls and enriches a connected customer/account rep relationship.