Houston, TX 


Specialty distributor serving the electronic assembly, aerospace and defense, medical, electronics, and other specialty industrial markets 




Business Issue

To grow market share, Hisco needed to develop an online multi-channel sales strategy to supplement their traditional field sales model. Company acquisitions already digitally enabled needed to continue to grow. As more purchasers use the internet to initiate their product purchasing research, Hisco needed a strong web offering to attract them.

ERP Integration

Infor SX.e with Heiler PIM


Advanced customizations allowed for in-depth sub-categories of products and product families, along with the ability to support extensive product restrictions, detailed product inventory and lead times, advanced PIM integration, and a new pricing model. It all adds up to more value for their customers, and empowers customers and employees alike with robust self-service tools and rich product content. Additionally, the phased implementation plan allowed for faster initial launch, closely followed by subsequent expansion phases for punchout technology offering, Mexico and Canada markets, and other Hisco subsidiaries.

We realized that to continue to grow our market share we needed to transition...

“We realized that to continue to grow our market share we needed to transition into a multi-channel strategy. We decided to replace the current website, which was static and product-information oriented, with a fully eCommerce-enabled site, so that our customers could transact 24/7."

- Dave Weitner, Vice President of Marketing, Hisco