Woburn, MA 


Distributor of extended care medical equipment and supplies 



Business Issue

They needed to attract new business as well as migrate more of the remaining 40 percent of their existing offline customer base to online purchasing with an improved mobile-enabled user experience and targeted marketing promotions. They also wanted to convert more of their website visitor traffic looking for durable medical equipment into orders, in addition to increasing overall average order value, improving customer retention, and driving broader and deeper adoption.


The responsive software design accommodates a variety of devices from traditional desktop computers to tablets to smart phones, and offers a fast and simplified purchasing experience for busy care professionals on the go. A phased implementation strategy allowed them to start using the new site very quickly, with additional product and market expansion phases to follow, including a multi-site strategy for nursing homes and pharmacies. Carefully planned customer onboarding incentives are successfully driving greater online adoption of their remaining offline customers, and targeted marketing promotions are attracting more new business. Customers that migrated to the online channel have a 25% higher average order value and 60% higher average lines per order than their offline customers. 

It’s the best possible tool to help [care professionals] serve patients...

“It’s the best possible tool to help [care professionals] serve patients and — the end goal we are all looking for — help patient outcomes.”

- Justin Racine, Marketing and eCommerce Manager, Geriatric Medical