Nashville, TN


Wholesale supplier and distributor of janitorial, packaging, disposable foodservice, safety and office products




Business Issue

APT had outgrown their first generation ERP-based eCommerce platform triggered by customer expectations. The more APT was expanding into new markets, the more their customers were comparing them to larger, big-box retailers. APT was looking to replace it with a platform that offered a higher level of functionality. They were looking for a trusted partner who was current on the latest technology and who could offer them the best practices for their wholesale distribution business.


With the new website, APT has experienced a decrease in the number of customer service calls, which in turn has increased their capacity. This has allowed APT to expand their sales volume without adding extra overhead of more staff. InsiteCommerce provides tools, such as budgeting, order approvals, and shopping list management that allow APT customers to manage their procurement process, which has been very well received by APT's customer base. InsiteCommerce's real-time pricing capability also is a bonus with APT's constantly changing inventory.

We wanted to to partner with an eCommerce provider we trusted...

"We wanted to to partner with an eCommerce provider we trusted that was also technologically savvy. We chose the InsiteCommerce solution." 

-Karen Shaffer - Vice President at APT