Your Mobile B2B E-Commerce Strategy MattersDid you know that:

  • 20 million people received either an iPad or a Kindle Fire this past holiday season?
  • 43% of US mobile phone users already own a web-enabled smart phone?
  • 58% of all new phones sold are smart phones?

Each of these statistics are from an article dated February 1, 2012. So, what’s your B2B mobile ecommerce strategy look like? You have a mobile ecommerce strategy, right?


You should.

Right now I have the following on my desk: an iPhone with a 3.5-inch screen, an iPad with a 9.7-inch screen, and a desk top PC with a 26-inch monitor. I am likely to surf the Net on any of these devices on any given day and have made purchases from all three in the very recent past. This is especially true of my smart phone–it’s always with me. Ecommerce sites that automatically offer a mobile format based on the browser that I’m using make purchasing easiest.

B2C ecommerce sets the standard for B2B ecommerce and mobile compatibility is certainly a driving force in the B2C ecommerce space. B2C technology and user experience is quickly becoming the norm. Business professionals are transitioning to online purchasing in nearly all industries–mobile commerce will be the next expectation. Don’t miss out–get your mobile ecommerce strategy together today.