Is your B2B ecommerce site optimized for mobile commerce? No? Why not? And if you’re gearing up to tell me that the mobile experience doesn’t apply to B2B businesses, think again. The reality is that business executives live and die by their smart phones. Tablet use is increasing rapidly within the C-Suite set and more often than not I see the executives in my office happily surfing the Web on their iPads in response to all sorts of business quandries on a daily basis.

Check out this telling graphic from

Your B2B E Commerce Site Needs Mobile Optimization eMarketer graph

More executives research business purchases using their mobile and tablet devices than non-executive folks. It stands to reason that if these executive folks are using mobile to research business purchases, they are much more likely to purchase using mobile technology as well. The other reality this article calls out is that “mobile device usage is additive.” The more executives get comfortable with using their mobile devices for everyday transactions–both business and personal–the greater the likelihood that they will complete more business transactions from the palm of their hand.

Don’t get caught unawares–if your ecommerce site doesn’t automatically detect a mobile device or browser, it’s likely that you are forcing these executives to surf through your full ecommerce site on their teeny tiny mobile device screens. GAH!

Make sure your site automatically serves up your site in the format that best suits the device that your customer is using. Be sure to include a link to the full site as well in case your visitors aren’t able to find what they need in your mobile format or your mobile site malfunctions. Realize that doing business via mobile device is here to stay and will only continue to grow from here. Launching your mobile commerce site now will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.