You Know Your Ecommerce Content Stinks WhenFor the past couple of posts I’ve been covering what makes good static and dynamic ecommerce website content. Today, I’m going to cover what makes ecommerce content bad, and subsequently, harmful to the success of your ecommerce site. Sometimes it’s better to have no site content rather than bad site content!

You know your ecommerce content stinks when:

  • Your product description is simply a restatement of the product name. Worse yet, it’s just a restatement of the product ID.
  • Your product specifications page doesn’t have anything useful listed. Or it’s blank.
  • A product offers options that aren’t actually available.
  • Your site doesn’t include shipping information of any sort.
  • Thumbnail images “enlarge” to another thumbnail-sized image. (Pardon me while I bang my head against my monitor.)
  • Your copy is riddled with jargon, tech-speak, and extremely enormous sounds or a combination of sounds that symbolize and communicate a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes just to make yourself sound smart. (Yup, could have just said “big words.”)
  • Your product images are blurry, from odd angles or from a football field away.
  • Your image links are broken and all that shows is the box with the little red “x” or broken image icon.
  • Your images show the wrong product. (Banging head against monitor again.)
  • Your video footage refuses to play properly or locks up the user’s Internet browser.
  • Your product image files are huge and cause the page to load….really….really….slowly.
  • All your user product reviews are perfect. For every product you offer. Every. Last. One.
  • Links on your site are broken or redirect to the wrong page. (Doh!)
  • Interactive content refuses to interact–i.e. 360° view refuses to rotate, the zoom function on an image refuses to zoom, the product locator refuses to find products, etc. This is one of those times when not having the content is better than having content and functionality that doesn’t work.

Basically, if it’s broken, working improperly, or doesn’t contain any useful information, it’s stinky content. And remember, nobody likes a stinker!