Recently the following question came up and I thought I would share it with you: “I have a business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce site. Do I need to have mobile commerce capability too?” Plenty of manufacturers and distributors are asking the same thing. For many B2B organizations, the act of launching of an ecommerce site is a cutting-edge approach to growing their businesses. Mobile isn’t even on their radar.

Unfortunately, not paying attention to the market demand for mobile commerce now is much like ignoring ecommerce up until this point: It puts an organization at a distinct disadvantage in the marketplace, especially as their competitors add that functionality.

So, to answer the question above, yes–if you have a B2B ecommerce site, yes, you still need to have a mobile presence too.

Not convinced? Check out this following snippet from an infographic entitled “The Takeover of Mobile Internet – Will It Replace Desk Top Use” published by

You Have E Commerce Do You Need Mobile Too

The above graphic shows that:

  • In the past two years, mobile search useage has grown by 500%.
  • In May 2012, just over 10% of website views came from a handheld mobile device.
  • 45% of the world’s population has access to a 3G mobile network (as of 2011).
  • Average smartphone useage tripled in 2011.

What does all of this mean? Mobile use is growing–and growing quickly. Customers that are using ecommerce to order your products today will be asking for the ability to order your products on their smart phone or tablet devices soon. With that in mind, the time to be creating your B2B mobile commerce strategy is now.