The landscape of B2B ecommerce changing rapidly as greater numbers of B2B organizations reach out to their customers with an ecommerce platform. With an ecommerce solution solidly in place, the next logical question is:

Will B2B ecommerce go mobile?

Yes, it will—and much faster than B2B businesses got into ecommerce initially.



B2B ecommerce is gaining momentum with distributors, manufacturers and B2B service providers as a way to successfully engage with current customers, reach entirely new customer markets, and make their organizations as efficient as possible at the same time. Ecommerce

In coming years, B2B ecommerce will continue to grow B2B businesses and mobile B2B commerce will add fuel to the fire. Consider this statistic: From June 2010 to June of 2011, smart phone ownership increased by 53%.

Will B2B Ecommerce Go Mobile 1


Additionally, mobile users are projected to surpass desktop Internet users within the next 5 years according to Morgan Stanley Research.

Will B2B Ecommerce Go Mobile 2

(Source: Morgan Stanley Research via Endeca)

The writing is on the wall—B2B commerce will go mobile. For a growing number of companies, it already has. As the speed of business continues to increase, professionals of all types will demand to conduct business purchases and transactions via mobile B2B ecommerce.  Savvy B2B organizations will be listening.