Why Your E Commerce Business Needs a Google Place PageToday’s post is written by Sarah Johnson, Interactive Marketing Consultant at Insite Software. Email Sarah.

Do you have a Google Place Page for your B2B business? You should. It could help drive traffic to your business–ecommerce and traditional channels–and drive significant results.

What is a Google Place Page?  A free listing on Google that is tied to Google Maps. Think white pages for the 21st century that drive internet searchers to your location. What You Need to Know:  You can set this page up on your own. If someone calls and offers to set this up for you for a price; don’t take the bait.  If you can use a computer or a typewriter you can set this up on your own.  Keep in mind that Google requires you to verify your submission by phone or postcard so that no one can create fake pages.

What if I have locations in more than one city or state? You can add up to 100 single listings for your organization. If you have more than 10, you’ll need to add your listings as a bulk upload. Pick the markets you want to be in and create multiple listings.

What if I have locations in more than one country? For organizations located in multilingual countries, it is possible to add your listing in each language spoken in that country.  If content of each language is very similar in only one field, such as describing ‘Most Famous Restaurant,’ it’s possible to add each translation in every field. For example, use the following most famous restaurant / restaurant le plus célèbre.  If the content needs to be translated in each field, you should create a separate listing for each language. (To change the language in your Places account, use the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the web page.)

Choose the most appropriate, specific categories for your business.
Pick a category from the list of suggestions to Google offers. The categories help to show your business for the right searches—and you can create your own category if Google doesn’t suggest one you like. It is best to choose specific categories over broad ones and ensure that they are the categories that best describe your business. Google will ensure  that searchers looking for “Book Stores” will see businesses in more specific categories like “Used Book Stores,” “Comic Book Stores,” and “Rare Book Stores” too.

People search online more than anywhere else anymore, so it’s important to make sure your local business listing can be easily found on Google Maps. (Need more information on how to set up your Google Place page? Step by step instructions from Google are available here.)