Most B2B organization’s are catching on that if they have an ecommerce presence, they can grow their local, regional and national sales–and it’s true. But what about global ecommerce? Does your company need to consider a global ecommerce initiative?

In a word, yes, you do.

Consider the following information from an infographic created by invesp:

Why Your B2B Company Needs Global Ecommerce

This graphic examines the number of people online by country in 2011 as well as the projected numbers in 2014. A quick glance shows that in North America there were 272 million people online in 2011. (Note: This number represents all of North America and not just the United States which would be a smaller number after you net out online users from Canada and Mexico.) Other areas of the world–namely Europe and the Asian Pacific–have nearly twice to three times as many online users. Projections for 2014 maintain this spread and actually increase the gap between North America and these areas of the world.

What This Means for You

This graphic tells a clear story:

  1. Online use is continuing to grow around the world.
  2. The majority of online users aren’t in the United States.

From these two observations one can draw the conclusion that by limiting sales to North America only, companies are missing a huge portion of the market and limiting their sales potential. If you net out Canada and Mexico, the potential loss increases.

The Take Away

If you have considered global ecommerce to grow your B2B business, you could be leaving sales on the table. In today’s day and age of global commerce, the business that reaches the largest portion of the market, wins. What are your plans to leverage the power of global ecommerce?

To learn more about how to increase the effectiveness of your B2B ecommerce presence, download the white paper: B2B Ecommerce Success – Seven Questions to Consider When Beginning an Ecommerce Initiative.