Why You Need an Ecommerce Road MapIt’s been pondered that if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you finally get there?

This couldn’t be more true in the world of both B2B and B2C ecommerce. Truly, ecommerce is an emerging business strategy and our actions today help create the best practices of tomorrow. To that end, we are in the formulative stages of development for ecommerce as a business model and while exciting for all involved, there are few guidelines in place to tell an enterprise organization where to go next.

Enter the ecommerce road map as a strategic planning tool for the enterprise organization.

What is an ecommerce road map?

In the simplest sense, it’s the plan put in place to grow an ecommerce initiative over a set period of time, usually from a year to three years in length. It accounts for scheduled upgrades, periodic updates, and features and functionalities that you want to add to your site over time.

How can you plan that far in advance? Won’t an ecommerce roadmap change over time?

Yes, it most likely will change as new technolgies become available and expectations of the ecommerce experience change as a result. It is necessary to lay out your ecommerce road map for the next three years to ensure that your organization is:

  • Actively planning for the updates that will keep your ecommerce site relevent and ahead of your competition.
  • Budgeting for the resources, both financial and otherwise, that will be necessary to maintain the site.

Learn more about why your organization needs an enterprise ecommerce strategy in the short video interview with Linda Taddonio, The Importance of a B2B Ecommerce Strategy.