We all know that the wide availability of the Internet and a variety of publishing tools including blogging platforms, video hosting, web design software, micro-blogging, user reviews, and the like results in the generation of a lot of data. Have you every stopped to ponder how much data it might take to be considered “a lot” of data? A lot is a lot, right? Sure–unless you are Google. Last Friday I stumbled on an infographic that documents how much data is created by various channels every minute of every day on the Web. Here it is:

data in one min

(Infographic Source: DOMO)

Now a lot of these statistics are a bit shocking at first glance, but the one that really got me to thinking about how most B2B organizations approach ecommerce is this little statistic here:

Why Google Search Queries Matter to B2B Ecommerce

Did you catch that statistic? Google receives over 2,000,000 search queries every minute. Every minute of every day, Web visitors are typing 2 MILLION search queries into that cute Google search bar and hitting the enter key. That’s a lot of searches performed by a lot of people. So, what does this have to do with your B2B organization?


If your B2B ecommerce site is completely password protected (read: no public facing web pages, hence no search engine indexing), your ecommerce site is getting passed by as a source of information for 2 million search queries every minute.

Now, are all of those people searching in their pajamas and bunny slippers on a Friday night going to be your target customer? Of course not. But what about all of the people searching online every minute of the work day? How many potential searchers are completely missing your ecommerce site because you don’t have public-facing web pages that the search engine crawlers can index? While it’s tough to provide an exact number, what I know for sure is that if your site doesn’t have any public-facing pages you’re missing out on every potential customer that searches simply because, to the search engine crawlers, you don’t exist.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky said it best when he said, “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This applies to your B2B ecommerce site as well. Even if you need to keep the bulk of your business information hidden behind a log-in portal, make sure your ecommerce site includes a series of public web pages that contain relevant content. This will feed the search engine crawlers and increase your chances of being found by some of the millions of people who visit the web each day looking for information.

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