The requirements around B2B ecommerce are changing. Basic shopping cart functionality that got you by a few years ago isn’t likley to catipult your busines to the next level today. Today’s B2B ecommerce consumer is more sophisticated than they were previously and this is largely due to what I call “The Effect.”

The Effect has two key drivers. The first is that nearly everyone who has made an online purchase has probably ordered something from at some point. is a prolific online retailer that sells most anything a person could want. Their online experience is by far the gold standard within the ecommerce space and it is truly centered on making the purchasing process as simple and user-focused as possible.

The second driver is that has set the bar for all ecommerce merchants on what it means to sell online. Ecommerce merchants examine the experience and look for ways to emulate that experience within their own sites.

As a result of the Effect, consumers expect a robust, simple and intuitive shopping experience. Period.

That said, as you evaluate ecommerce solutions, you should keep this new savvy customer in mind and consider whether a solution will provide you with the ability to create a site that speaks to those consumers. ERP ecommerce modules are traditionally focused solely on integration with the ability to manage content and create promotions provided as an after thought, if at all. For some organizations, this simple shopping cart functionality is enough. For those looking to create an “” experience, it isn’t.

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