When Enterprise Ecommerce“Play nice.”

Now whose mother DIDN’T say that when she sent them off to play outside? I know mine did. Playing nice meant not throwing sand, not taking someone else’s dump truck, and saying “I’m sorry” when a squabble occurred over a prized ball or jump rope. And of course, you weren’t supposed to trip your friends while playing tag or ring the doorbell of the crabby neighbor lady and run. Playing nice meant everyone got along, had a good time, and got the business of being a kid taken care of for the day. In short, we had fun and worked together.

Don’t you wish your enterprise ecommerce platform “played nice” with your back-end systems? In a perfect enterprise ecommerce world, your ecommerce site would  work in synch with your ERP, CMS, and CRM systems, as well as with accounting, shipping and inventory. An order placed on the ecommerce site would automatically update inventory levels, call on customer-specific pricing from your ERP to generate the order total, and would pass along the order’s destination address to the shipping system when the customer submitted the order. Your staff would be working with the same enterprise information, regardless of what the department they worked in or where the order was at in the fulfillment process. Daily work loads would be streamlined and duplication of effort would be eliminated, not to mention the elimination of nearly all human-related errors, a time and resource savings in an of itself.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. Ecommerce, ERP, CRM, accounting, shipping, inventory and other back-end systems can easily “play nice” in the your enterprise ecommerce “sandbox.”

It’s called integration.

Integration bridges the gap between your business systems and translates data from one to the next, making sure that they all get the same critical information. Integrated ecommerce sites share information automatically with other points along the order and fulfillment process, cutting out duplication and eliminating opportunities for costly errors.

If you’re running an enterprise ecommerce system without total system integration, you’re missing out.

Want to know more? Check out the following video on ecommerce integration:

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