What Ecommerce Solutions Providers Don't Want You to KnowLike it or not, there’s a questionable underside to every industry. Think about your favorite restaurant and how you love to eat there.

Now consider what the owner and/or kitchen staff don’t want you to know about what goes on behind the kitchen door.


The world of ecommerce is no different. There are a host of things that most ecommerce companies don’t want you to know about. Here are three to consider before selecting an ecommerce solution provider:

Most of the “bells and whistles” are provided by a 3rd party. Most companies don’t have the creative or technical resources to offer every kind of ecommerce site functionality you want from their in-house staff. However, they do want you to think that they are responsible for making the magic happen, so they probably buy those bells and whistles from a third party. While this isn’t really a problem per se, you might very well be paying a markup on those 3rd party services.  

Solution: Work with an ecommerce solution provider that partners with 3rd party providers and puts you in touch with them to buy their services directly.

Most ecommerce solutions providers don’t have real-time experience with back-end integration. Or at least they don’t have a lot of experience with it. However, they are likely to tell you that they “can take care of it.”  

Solution: Don’t gamble and simply take a provider’s word for it. Ask to see live examples of the integration they have done for other companies using the ERP, accounting, shipping and other back-end systems you are using.

Most ecomerce solutions providers don’t know B2B ecommerce. There’s a school of thought in the ecommerce world that B2B ecommerce is just a skinnied down version of B2C ecommerce. While B2B ecommerces sites are starting to look more like B2C sites, B2B ecommerce often requires a unique understanding the company’s business rules and workflows.  

Solution: Work with a ecommerce solution provider that has documented experience in creating successful ecommerce websites for B2B companies. Be sure to experience live examples–or better yet, speak directly with the provider’s satisfied B2B clients instead.

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Photography credit: Elizabeth Welsh