What Exceptional E Commerce Content Looks Like Overview

Due to my daily exposure to both the exceptional and the less-than-stellar in ecommerce, I am incredibly hard to please during the online shopping experience. I admit it. Too often I stumble onto sites that offer me some of the information I am looking for, but leave me wanting more in some way. I recently visited the Dansko.com site and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of product content their site offers but without overwhelming the shopper. Instead of taking my usual route of pointing out what is wrong with a site, I want to show you an example of exceptional product content on an ecommerce site.

I’ve been wearing Dansko shoes for years, but I can’t recall ever having visited their site directly, instead visiting the site of the local retailer where I go to buy my shoes. I had no idea how much I was missing out on! Now, please note that while this is a B2C site, consumers cannot buy shoes directly from Dansko–instead they must visit a local or online retailer to make their purchase.

I could sing praises about a huge variety of things on the Dansko site, but today I am going to focus on three specific areas:

1) Product images

2) Product options

3) Product specifications

Product images.

Ecommerce shopping is limited to what a person sees on the website–they cannot touch the item they wish to buy, are not able to turn the item over to see what’s on the bottom, and certainly can’t try anything on. Dansko avoids this issue by supplying images of each and every shoe from five unique perspectives, including the ability to zoom in on specific areas of the shoe, to ensure that the customer knows exactly what the shoe looks like from all angles.

What Exceptional E Commerce Content Looks Like Product Images

Product options

Another online shopping challenge is providing an effective “browsing” experience without forcing the shopper to bounce from page to page or scroll through a long list. Dansko does a phenomenal job of quickly and concisely showing the shopper all of the colors and finishes available within a particular style of shoe–without scrolling or clicking. Through the use of style subcategories (e.g. “patent leather” and “box leather”) on the left and mini thumbnails on the right showing specific colors, a shopper can easily see all of the available options. If one catches her eye, she can click on it to enlarge the thumbnail in place of the main product image. No pop-ups, no redirects to another page–all of the information she needs/wants about the available options are on one page.

What Exceptional E Commerce Content Looks Like Product Options

Product specifications

Product specifications, or the nitty gritty details for a product sold online, are often left out or a bit anemic on most sites. They might tell you the width of the couch, but not the weight. Or where it was constructed, but not the fabric care instructions. Dansko does a great job with this as well, including “technical features” (explaining the features and benefits of various parts of the shoe, including heel height), a “material care” section that tells the user how to keep their kicks looking new, “size and fit” which translates the European sizing chart into numbers that Americans understand, and a “certifications” section that details how Dansko shoes are endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association. All of these details are conveniently located under the product options and the best part is that when a person clicks on the “technical features” section, all the other sections contract automatically which results in only showing the item the customer wants to see and eliminates the need to scroll!

What Exceptional E Commerce Content Looks Like Product Specifications
Providing the relevant content your customers are looking for–whether for a B2B or B2C environment–will drive conversions and overall customer satisfaction. Make it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for and they are more likely to buy from you. Limit the number of clicks required to access information, ideally placing it all on one well-constructed page. And if you need to shop for incredibly comfortable shoes on a site that provides an exceptional shopping experience, check out Dansko.com.

To learn more about effective use of content on your website, download the white paper, Content is King–How Updating Website Content Improves Ecommerce Sales.