Using Recently Viewed Items Lists in B2B E CommerceB2B ecommerce success boils down to making it easy for your customer to do business with you online when and where it is most convenient for them. Is your site actively taking steps to make the buying process simpler for your customers?

You’ve made sure that your contact information is easy to find on every page of your website. You’re successfully using targeted ecommerce merchandising techniques and you understand the effect of those promotions on the performance of your site.

What more could you be doing?

If you aren’t utilizing the “recently viewed items” list feature to readily serve up the last few (typically three) items your customer looked at, you’re missing an opportunity to make it even easier for your customer to find that product he was just looking at and add it to his cart.

B2C ecommerce sites have this down pat. For example, I was recently looking for furnishings for a casual meeting room and employee louge in our office. One of the items on the list of considerations was a set of TV trays or a funky coffee table. After discovering that the once wildly popular TV tray is becoming somewhat extinct, I found a whole bunch of options at One thing led to another and suddenly I realized that I had veered off course a bit and was now looking at a coffee table that housed an aquarium for fish in the table base. It was cool, but not what I needed.

Rather than forcing me to recreate the search process that helped me find those TV trays, served up the last three items that I had viewed product pages for in a nifty little list called “Recently Viewed Items.” I was quickly able to find the TV trays I had been considering and navigate directly back to that product page.

B2B ecommerce can benefit from employing a similar technique. While your B2B customers might not be “shopping” in the same way that I was, having the last few products readily available in a “Recently Viewed Items” list will ensure that they can always find their way back if they need to.

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