The Role of Ecommerce in Social Media StrategyIf you spend any time reading business or marketing publications, blogs, or websites, you are likely to hear about how having a social media strategy is necessary to grow your business.

I must say that I agree. Social media is an important part of any organization’s ongoing success.

As you consider ecommerce as a way to grow your business, you may also find yourself wondering, “What role does ecommerce play in the success of your social media strategy?”

A big one—although it’s probably not obvious at first.

Ecommerce is all about allowing customers to research your products and make purchases online. It’s about building and sustaining a brand, promoting a brand, selling a brand. In ecommerce, you control the messaging to the customer.

Social media is a way to interact with your customers in a non-transactional, less rigid way—they aren’t buying anything from you and you aren’t actively selling anything. This allows you to listen and interact with your customers in a way you can’t on an ecommerce site—at least not without integrated social media. In social media, the customer controls the messaging and smart organizations pay attention to what they are saying.

So, what roles does ecommerce play in the success of your social media strategy?

Ecommerce provides a platform to interact with your customers. Your ecommerce site provides a natural and intuitive place to encourage your customers to engage with you—they are going to your ecommerce site already. Social media allows you to solicit and hear their opinions.

Ecommerce is a spring board for social media sharing. Visit any ecommerce site today and nine times out of ten you will see little Facebook and Twitter buttons encouraging you to share your experience with a product or to broadcast that you like a product to your social media network. Integrating social media with your ecommerce site allows your customers to share and endorse your products while still on your site with a click of their mouse.

Ecommerce serves as a platform for growing your social media following. It stands to reason that the people who visit your site to purchase your products are your best target audience for growing your social media following. Integrating your social media accounts with your ecommerce site allows you to increase your following organically as a byproduct of conducting business.

By effectively integrating your social media campaign on your ecommerce website, you can grow your social media reach as well as increase the credibility of your ecommerce site—and therefore, your brand—at the same time.

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