The Need for Rich Content in B2B EcommerceThe rich content we’ve grown to expect on B2C ecommerce sites is rapidly invading the world of B2B ecommerce.


Business buyers are demanding it.

The days of utilitarian B2B ecommerce sites are gone and savvy B2B companies with an ecommerce presence are adding rich content to their B2B ecommerce site’s home page, category pages and product pages.

What counts as rich content?

  • Images.
  • Videos—informational, educational and case study varieties all apply.
  • Robust product information including “fluffy” marketing copy that describes the product in detail.
  • Detailed product specifics like dimensions, weight, material content, country of origin, whether the product requires special shipping service, etc.
  • Interactive “quizzes” that direct a shopper to the product that will most likely meet their needs.
  • Dynamic product configurators that allow the customer to customize your product or create a customized kit.
  • Ability to compare a select group of products to help customers differentiate between products in varying price ranges or with different functionalities.
  • 3D virtual product viewers that allow customers to see all sides of an object.
  • Detailed educational resources such as instruction manuals, white papers, and research results.

Rich content increases consumer engagement with your B2B ecommerce site. Utilize as much rich content as you can to provide a robust customer experience each and every time a customer places an order with you.