The Inside Scoop B2B Ecommerce Knows Its CustomersYesterday we spoke about how B2B ecommerce has the advantage of knowing a lot about their company before they ever log into to the ecommerce site. Today I want to examine four pieces of information that B2B organizations know about their buyers before they log in.

  • Buyer personas. As a B2B organization, you can easily isolate the demographics of your key customers and create associated personas based on this data. These personas will not only help you create a user-focused online experience, the information will help you craft key messaging and drive sales across all channels.
  • Business goals. B2B companies with ecommerce initiatives have a strong understanding of the business goals for their target markets, both broadly as a group and specifically on a company-by-company basis. Understanding what is important to your customer at a strategic level will ensure that you meet and exceed their expectations for your products and services.
  • User roles. Chances are good you know who at an organization is placing orders on your site, what appeals to them, and what challenges they face. This knowledge allows you to address their interests and concerns from the perspective of site design, product messaging, and site functionality.
  • Buying history. It’s been said that the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Knowing what your customers ordered in the past works in your favor. You can easily serve up a list of items they ordered in the past or make intelligent suggestions for upgrades and new products they may like.

Focusing on what you know about your customers will help you customize and personalize the B2B ecommerce experience, increasing engagement and driving sales.

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