5-RulesIndustry analyst firm Forrester estimates the B2B eCommerce market is expected to reach $559 billion by the end of 2013.  What does this mean for you, as a B2B strategist in your organization? It means you need to re-engineer your business to incorporate eCommerce strategies into your business plan.   In the latest article in The NextWomen magazine, Insite’s B2B Chief eCommerce Officer, Officer Linda Taddonio lays out a plan to help you take advantage of the business re-engineering opportunity to  drive top line revenue and operate with increased efficiency. Among her advice is integrating eCommerce back-end systems that run and drive the business, and ensuring that your eCommerce content will stand out from the crowd. While eCommerce is considered by many as a business to consumer tactic, B2B buyers in today’s world have similar expectations as consumers regarding  look and feel and  easy to use websites – particularly ones that they can use on their mobile device.

B2B business processes need to be re-factored to facilitate the move into the ever-changing eCommerce world. The ongoing challenges can be overwhelming. Mapping out the journey (Rule #1) is the first step to take. Take a “land and expand” approach that will allow you to quickly take advantage of the low hanging fruit to meet immediate buyer demands.

Following these basic rules should help you to re-engineer your business to achieve successful online B2B sales.  

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