The Benefit of Ecommerce in the CloudYou’ve probably been hearing a lot about cloud-based computing lately. You might be wondering what cloud computing is, whether it’s relevant for ecommerce, and what the benefits are of a cloud-based deployment versus a more traditional ecommerce installation.

The benefits of a cloud-based ecommerce site fall into two main categories: cost savings and access.

Benefit #1:

First let’s look at how cloud-based ecommerce results in cost savings.

The most considerable way that cloud-based ecommerce helps save money is by removing the need to host your site on a local server. Instead, your site is hosted on a remote server, usually owned by a third party company that specializes in hosting such sites.

How does this save you money?

For one, you no longer have to have a dedicated server on-site to manage your hosting requirements. Second, you do not need to have a dedicated technology resource (or more)` on-staff to manage the server and its on-going maintenance.

Another way that cloud-based ecommerce cuts costs is through the possibility of purchasing only the software modules that you need to run your ecommerce site. In more traditional hosting settings, you must purchase the enterprise license for your ecommerce platform and you get all of the pieces and parts, regardless of whether you will use them or not. With a cloud-based model, it is likely that the ecommerce platform you need will be available to purchase in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model where you only need to purchase the specific modules or components you need right now. Additional functionality can be purchased at any time in the future. This saves you money and allows you to grow your site as need dictates.

Benefit #2:

The second benefit of cloud-based ecommerce is that it allows universal access to the ecommerce site’s administrator log-in or management console via any web browser with Internet access. With web-based access, changes and updates can be made anywhere by anyone with the proper security credentials—in the office or while travelling. This ensures that your site stays updated and current whether you are on the road or in the office.

The benefits of cloud-based ecommerce are clear. A cloud-based ecommerce platform is a great option if you are looking to cut costs from your technology budget and/or increase your ecommerce site’s accessibility. What benefits have you realized as a result of using a cloud-based ecommerce platform?

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Photo credit: mnsc via Flickr