The Benefits of B2B EcommerceEcommerce is new territory for many B2B companies, but new territory with great potential for growth. With that in mind, don’t let the unknown scare you off.

A B2B ecommerce initiative:

  • Provides a B2B company with a new way to increase revenue within its existing client base through expanded purchases or introduction to new items using up-selling and cross-selling techniques.
  • Expands the company’s brand presence. The Internet is driving a swift change in the world of B2B business. In the past, long-standing relationships might have been the only thing that mattered in B2B business deals; however, today more and more B2B companies are searching the Internet for better pricing, increased services and location-specific partners. B2B ecommerce increases your online presence, resulting in improved search engine results.
  • Reaches out to new potential customers, tapping into new streams of revenue and developing new relationships.
  • Increases revenues via 24/7 online ordering and significantly lowers the operational costs associated with those orders.
  • Provides the opportunity to revive relationships with inactive customers through targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Makes it easier for a customer to do business with you while allowing you to completely manage the sales process through site architecture and messaging.
  • Frees up internal resources, such as Customer Service, to work with customers that prefer not to place orders online.

All the benefits of B2B ecommerce add up to one clear outcome: a way to expand your business reach and increase revenue.

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Linda Taddonio, Chief Ecommerce Strategy OfficerLinda Taddonio is Chief Ecommerce Strategy Officer at Insite Software. She can be reached at  Learn more about Linda’s upcoming webinars and speaking engagements here.