The B2B Ecommerce Advantage

While just starting to pick up steam as a way to grow sales and reach new customers, it’s clear that B2B ecommerce has a major advantage over its B2C counterparts.

B2B organizations know their customer ahead of time.

Why does this matter?

Because they know who their customer is at the outset, B2B organizations can customize the ecommerce shopping experience and serve up the most relevant products and promotions along with customer-specific ordering information.

How does the B2B organization immediately recognize its ecommerce customers?

User authentication.

Imagine two dinner parties. At the first party, the hosts pick their best dishes and wines and put a sign out on the curb offering dinner to whoever would like to join them. If someone stops up to the house, the hosts offer what food and drink they have and hope that their guests like what they are serving. The guests may or may not stay to eat.

At the second dinner party, the hosts know exactly who’s coming to dinner and can plan specific meals around dietary needs, wine preferences, and the like. Guests know in advance that there is a dinner party just for them and are more likely to stay once they arrive.

In B2B ecommerce, there is never the option to check out as a guest. Every shopper must log in to begin shopping and each customer must be set up in the ecommerce system prior to the first purchase being made. The B2B organization knows that the customer is coming, knows the visitor’s preferences and builds the shopping experience around them.

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