The Number One Inbound Marketing Technique for B2B E commerceInbound marketing is a powerful way for you to increase traffic on your B2B ecommerce site. What’s more, inbound marketing gets potential customers finding you rather than the other way around. And there is one essential inbound marketing tool that no B2B ecommerce site should be without:

A blog.

If I could only choose one inbound marketing technique to drive more qualified traffic to my B2B ecommerce site, it would be blogging.


  • Google loves content. Every blog post you create is a separate and unique page for Google to visit. Did I mention that Google loves new content? Posting a steady stream of blog posts on a regular basis ensures that the Google-beast visits your site often and indexes its findings. This leads to better organic search engine results rankings. Ecommerce sites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages (Source: HubSpot), which translate into regular visits from the search engine crawlers.
  • Ecommerce sites with blogs have 97% more inbound links. And inbound links are a huge factor in how Google weights and ranks your site. The higher you rank, the better than chance your site will get the click rather than being passed over.
  • People don’t want to be sold to–they want information. Think people will naturally visit your corporate website when searching for information on your products and services? Maybe–but more than likely they will look for non-biased (read: non-branded) information instead. Why? Because people don’t want to be sold to and your website probably has a bent toward your brand. Blogs have quickly become a viable unbranded resource for information on nearly any product, service, or industry–and people trust them. Just resist the urge to sell on your blog and keep it informational. One sniff of “sales-y” and your audience will be gone.
  • Position yourself as an industry thought leader. Anyone can promote their own products mercilessly, but not everyone can create thoughtful and relevant content about their field of expertise. Creating relevant content for your blog makes you the source of reliable information and when it’s time to buy, people naturally gravitate toward the company that shared the best non-branded information and suggestions. Having a blog that shares timely information ensures that you are your customers’ resource of choice.

Blogging is a powerful inbound marketing technique that you can use to increase traffic on your B2B ecommerce site as well as gain credibility with potential customers. If you only choose one inbound marketing tool for your B2B ecommerce site, make it blogging.

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