Last week, we joined with small group of clients and prospects at the Westin in Edina, MN to discuss the topic “Your B2B Risk Is Rising – What Are You Doing About it?” The event thought provoking and we wanted to share with you some of our key takeaways.

Linda Taddonio, Chief eCommerce Strategy Officer, spoke about the rising challenges that distributors and manufacturers face as a business. The goal of the session was to heighten the awareness of what is going on in the B2B world as it relates to these businesses. Forrester Research characterize this as the Age of the Customer. So, what does this mean for manufacturers and distributors? The result is that B2B eCommerce is now expected to honor a B2C experience.

Linda went on to explain that technology is changing fast, which means your business needs to keep up as well. In the book “Digital Disruption” by James McQuivey, he discusses  the significance of this technology forward age we are in and how it will impact business. The importance of innovating is imperative. At Insite, we now discuss mobility in almost every conversation we have with our clients and prospects.  Two years ago or so, this was not a topic. There is also a significant rise of heavy hitters in the marketplace – Amazon, Grainger, Google Shopping for Suppliers, the list goes on. According to Linda, the rise of these organizations in the B2B space is staggering and should alarm distributors and manufacturers.

Joe Jansen, Director of Information Services, AmeriPride Services, Inc, joined us at the event and followed Linda with his own learnings of AmeriPride’s eCommerce journey and their experience with Insite’s commerce platform.  Joe walked through some of the challenges that their organization faced and is facing, and the ways that Insite is helping them manage their business challeneges.

The exciting part of all of this is that here at Insite, we firmly believe that we can help manufacturers and distributors manage the challenges they are encountering, and help them to make changes today that can carry a significant ROI – IF they are understood and executed well. To learn more, visit us at and follow us via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.