Forrester Research analysts recently introduced a new approach to B2B eCommerce digital commerce conducted any where for manufacturerscalled “Digital Commerce Enablement.” The new concept is based on the idea that a manufacturing company needs to do much more than just provide a website for their customers to purchase products. Now manufacturers need to strategically provide branded and consistent content to their customers, allow their customers and sales reps to interact online, and give customers advanced tools to find and purchase the right products.

Your future buyers and sales reps will prefer to interact online. Like the retail industry’s eCommerce history before you, some manufacturers will be ready for the coming sea change in manufacturing and others will not. Some will thrive, some will only survive, and others will fail.

Progressive Manufacturers Lead the Way

Non-consumer goods manufacturing is one of the last industries to enter this digital race, and there are not be many leaders yet in the industry. However, some of the progressive manufacturing companies are now starting to build teams and put their Digital Commerce Enablement strategy in place.

Companies on the right path start with a digital roadmap. The plan serves as a comprehensive strategy that: identifies all stakeholders and gets to the root of their needs; outlines the online tools needed to build a dynamic platform; prescribes goals and measurement; and stipulates the budget to get there.

Learn More About Digital Commerce Enablement

Download the brief to learn more about the concept of Digital Commerce Enablement, why you need it, who in your industry will lead the charge and who is at risk of losing ground, and how you can transform your business starting today.