In ecommerce, selling more is usually the #1 goal. Is your ecommerce site helping you achieve that goal? If not, you’re missing out on a key ally in the ecommerce battle: good site design.

Consider the following questions: Does your ecommerce website design help convert visitors into customers by offering the right information at the right time? How about cart abandonment–does your site design increase or decrease the percentage of customers that abandon carts on your site? Is it easy for a customer to navigate from page to page and find what they need? Is critical information placed in the optimum spot on the page to ensure that visitors engage?

If you are wondering how an ecommerce web site’s design can affect a customer’s purchasing decision, check out the brief, 2-minute video below. You’ll learn how overall look and feel, intuitive navigation and where you place information on a web page impact whether a customer buys from you or moves on to shop with your competition.

Your ecommerce site needs to be visually engaging and user-friendly. If it’s not, you’re losing sales in the form of abandoned carts and a high bounce rate. Get more in-depth information about how to increase ecommerce conversions and reduce cart abandonment with the white paper, Sell More With Stunning Design: Increase Ecommerce Conversions and Reduce Cart Abandonment.