eMail B2BMCS MainImageVisit us at Booth #2 at the B2B Multichannel Summit next week! Not only will we be a sponsor at the event, but Insite’s Chief eCommerce Strategy Officer, Linda Taddonio, will be presenting tools to help you plan and execute a 360 degree transformation around your B2B eCommerce strategy. You’ll walk away with awareness and action items for how to strategically lead a B2B eCommerce transformation within your organization. What’s in it for you?

  • Acknowledgement and awareness of how to assess your company’s current state and how to develop and plan for the future state in your business.
  • Ways to identify the growth opportunities
  • Steps you should take to enable a successful shift in resources and goals
  • Enable the disruption as a transformational shift in your business

If you can’t join us next week, make sure you check out the newest E-Book, “Five Critical Elements to Developing Your B2B eCommerce Strategy.”

From all of us at Insite, have a Happy Thanksgiving!