Renovate Your B2B E Commerce PortalFor a long time, B2B ecommerce has been relegated to the “backroom” of a company’s website. Functional, but dusty and not somewhere you would go unless you needed to.

Thankfully, those days are long gone. Savvy B2B companies are realizing that B2B ecommerce portals should be more than functional–they should provide an exceptional user experience and be intuitive to use.

If your B2B ecommerce portal is a little dusty and circa 2003, consider implementing the following renovations and give it a face lift! 

Branding. Branding is the online equivalent of a fresh coat of paint–it can make a huge difference with minimal effort. Your B2B portal should look and feel like the rest of your website and marketing collateral. Does it? Show off your logo (and while you’re at it, link that logo to your website) and use your corporate color scheme. Make sure your visitors know they are in the right place.

Images! An online portal without images is like a room without windows: people don’t stick around very long. In the virtual world of ecommerce, images are the windows that encourage visitors to stay just a little longer. Consider using a few strategic images that show your products in use and include product thumbnail images on the product pages. Make sure any images on public-facing pages are optimized for maximum SEO value.

Descriptive copy. Now don’t worry–I’m not going to suggest you go out and get all copy-heavy like a B2C site, but I am going to recommend that you add a little bit of descriptive copy to your product pages. Even a one-liner about each product will help your B2B customers validate that they are, in fact, ordering the right item!

Call to action. Your portal log-in page is public-facing and not all of the visitors who land on the portal log-in page will be current customers. Encourage these visitors to contact you if they are interested in becoming a registered user with a call to action button or link. (Hello, lead generation!) This link should take them to an inquiry form that they can complete and submit to let you know they are interested in working with you.

Escape route. While this might seem basic, make sure that there is an easy way for visitors to navigate from your portal page back to your regular website!

What renovations would you recommend for a B2B portal page?

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