ceo discussion series value propositionManufacturing and distribution leaders everywhere are facing challenges and finding opportunities as they navigate the rapid and disruptive digital shift impacting their businesses. Relevancy of your business model can change quickly in today’s business climate. Now more than ever, successful leaders must change the rules to create whole new streams of revenue and new opportunities for growth.

We explore this topic as part of a four-part discussion series, “The New CEO Strategies for Creating Value in the Digital Age.” It is designed to help CEOs and Senior Executives of Manufacturers and Distributors lead in these disruptive times by building a culture of change, transformation, and innovation.

Co-sponsored by Insite Software, UnleashWD and Internet Retailer, the series provides proven case studies and specific action plans for you to take the first steps to ignite your innovation efforts and create value for your organization.

New Ways to Create, Deliver and Capture Value

The market doesn’t care how long you have been in business, how large you are, how big and strong of a business you have, or if you are a public, private, or employee owned. Think about some of the more notable powerhouses in business news; companies that once owned their market and were synonymous with the markets they served, such as Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia and Blackberry. In each case their business model became irrelevant.

Watch the third session of the on-demand discussion series for an insightful discussion between a panel of business experts on new ways to create, deliver and capture value. Bill Putsis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor and author of Compete Smarter, Not Harder, provides a framework for carefully choosing where to compete while identifying the difference between a temptation and a genuine opportunity. Jeffrey Siegal, Chief Operating Officer at Geriatric Medical, shares how they embraced innovation and how he is leading his company forward into the next generation supplier of medical and surgical supplies. The discussion is led and moderated by UnleashWD founder, Dirk Beveridge, and Insite Software co-founder and Chief eCommerce Officer, Linda Taddonio. Watch the webinar as the panel discusses:

  • Why we need to look for new ways to create, deliver and capture value.
  • How to innovate business models.
  • Who has innovated their business model and how they did it.

More Than Just Remaining Relevant:

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