Reach New Customers With B2B Ecommerce

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily reach more customers for your B2B business?

You can…and B2B ecommerce will help you reach out to a new customer base that is looking for your product, right now.

  1. Make sure you have public-facing web pages on your ecommerce site. If all the “good stuff” is hidden behind a secure log-in portal, the search engine crawlers will largely ignore your site! The core of your business might need to be password protected, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create at least 3-5 pages of dynamic content that is geared specifically to generating new client relationships. Make sure your public-facing pages avoid the “nofollow” HTML code.
  2. Utilize robust content on all public-facing pages. This includes optimized titles and alt tags that use appropriate keywords and long tails as descriptions, product information and informational copy that uses relevant keywords and long tails, videos, and links to relevant content—both on your site and to reputable sites that support and complement yours.
  3. Add a blog to your B2B ecommerce site. Blogs are candy to search engine spiders. When you consistently publish new information in the form of regular blog posts, the bots know to come back for more. The better and more consistent your content, the more likely they will index your page regularly. Frequent indexing = better ranking on the search engine results pages. And every blog post is indexed individually, helping you gain site mass as well as momentum for your industry-specific keywords and keyword phrases. Learn why blogging matters for B2B ecommerce.

Experience the power that B2B ecommerce offers to the companies who are brave enough to embrace it—doing so will drive new B2B business to you consistently over time, helping you expand your customer base.

To learn more about how to make your B2B ecommerce site a successful lead generating machine, download the white paper, Get Found – Drive More Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site.