dog-running-animal-health-distributorA dominant global animal health supply distributor, with almost 6,000 employees in more than 150 countries worldwide was looking for an e-commerce solution to replace their legacy e-commerce platform. The company is comprised of multiple geo- and market-based business units that operate independently, each with a unique business model, product catalog, operations marketing, distribution regulations and technology footprint, including a unique ERP solution and instance.

The E-Commerce Challenge

The company was looking for an e-commerce solution to enable their planned growth. They also required an accelerated timeframe of 120 days to complete the development to support the first go-live date.  The plan was to deploy fast and rollout the sites across 12 countries in 12-24 months.

The B2B E-Commerce Solution

InsiteCommerce rapidly deployed sites for three countries including the United States within 90-120 day time frame with full SAP integrations. Through the combined use of InsiteCommerce’ Software Development Kit (SDK) and Web Page Library (WPL) the animal health supply distributor launched a commerce site powered by InsiteCommerce.  The enterprise-grade, global e-commerce solution is a global offering to any business where direct B2B sales and web presence is desired. The solution is fully integrated with the ERP back office for streamlined operations and it can be configured to meet the complex and unique needs of each of the individual business unit and countries.

The E-Commerce Difference

So far, they have see an increase in the number of online customers engaged in eCommerce because the sites allow users to not only purchase products, but also check on their accounts and order status.  The company continues to expand into new locales and verticals; the solution enables them to get the sites up and running in less than 30 days.  One notable side benefit is that the online transactions have a positive impact on corporate cash flow because their customer can make their payments immediately via the eCommerce sites.

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