commerce solution analyticsThe newly expanded capabilities of InsiteAnalytics give manufacturers and distributors more power than ever to extract actionable meaning from disparate, ever-accumulating data, resulting in better, faster and more strategic decisions about their eCommerce channels, and ultimately improving competitive business advantage. Insite Software’s latest analytics tools work with your B2B commerce solution to provide a single framework to view, analyze and measure data from many possible sources and in the context of your business goals.

Data for People with Day Jobs

Fortunately, with InsiteAnalytics you don’t need to feel compelled to launch a side career in data science and engineering to be able to retrieve your organization’s relevant data and gain understanding of the true value and meaning that lie under it. That’s because InsiteAnalytics has a built-in methodology that guides business professionals like you through an analysis process that allows you to quickly and clearly identify areas of success and opportunity. The result is improved ability to respond accordingly and better decision-making.

Advanced Analytics That Grows With You

One of the beautiful things about InsiteAnalytics is its ability to start at a basic analysis level and expand in sophistication over time. The reporting is grouped into tiers that build on one another and grow with you as your commerce programs extend and mature. For example, your initial analysis tier may focus on trends for orders, average order value and return-on-investment, and then over time it progresses to additional tiers that focus on developing customers who buy deeper in your product catalog.

“InsiteAnalytics has been a great new tool for me to use as I plan and review major customer initiatives, for three reasons. First, I can see my data in a ready-to-use format with finished insights that I can take action on. So it’s not just another thing on my to-do list, it actually helps me complete my to do list. Second, I’m easily able to see that data – and connect the results and outcomes – in a way that’s relevant to each of our customer segments.  Lastly, Insite didn’t just provide a tool, they partnered with me along the way to help me get the most out of it.” –Andrew Steiner, VP Marketing and Customer Operations.

Learn more about this latest enhancement to a B2B commerce solution and how InsiteAnalytics helps answer the how, what and why of your eCommerce business dynamics.