ceo discussion series transformative leadershipManufacturing and distribution leaders everywhere are facing challenges and finding opportunities as they navigate the rapid and disruptive digital shift impacting their businesses. Today’s successful leaders transform their organizations and remain competitive by becoming faster, stronger, bigger, better and smarter.

We explore this topic as part of a four-part discussion series, “The New CEO Strategies for Creating Value in the Digital Age.” It is designed to help CEOs and Senior Executives of Manufacturers and Distributors lead in these disruptive times by building a culture of change, transformation, and innovation.

Co-sponsored by Insite Software, UnleashWD and Internet Retailer, the series provides proven case studies and specific action plans for you to take the first steps to ignite your innovation efforts and create value for your organization.

Lead Change and Innovation to Break Status Quo

Companies don’t innovate, people do. Companies don’t make the decisions that create its future, people do. Transformative leaders do. When you consider innovative and disruptive companies such as Apple, Amazon, Berlin Packaging and W.W. Grainger, note that those companies themselves did not innovate, change or disrupt — the people within those companies made it happen.

Watch the fourth and last session of the on-demand discussion series for an insightful discussion between a panel of business experts on creating value through transformative leadership. Barbara Trautlein, change leadership consultant and author of Change Intelligence, provides the specific steps and moves leaders can take to drive change. Joe Nettemeyer, CEO of Valin Corporation shares his case study of transforming Valin from a traditional pick, pack and ship distributor to a valued single source solution center.  The discussion is led and moderated by UnleashWD founder, Dirk Beveridge, and Insite Software co-founder and Chief eCommerce Officer, Linda Taddonio. Watch the webinar as the panel discusses:

  • Why transformative leaders are furious with the status quo, and how they tap that fury to lead change and innovation.
  • The moves and steps you can take as a leader to drive change.
  • Who has become a transformative leader and how they did it.

More Than Just Transformative Leadership

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