If you have already taken the leap to launch an eCommerce site, it is very important to consider adding mobile commerce as a key component of your overall commerce strategy. Why? Because, with the growing use of mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) among Millennial-aged buyers, you may be losing sales to mobile-optimized competitors. Recent studies show that 9 in 10 purchasers aged 18-35 make company purchases online.

While mobile commerce works together with a traditional eCommerce site, it has unique requirements that must be addressed in order for this channel to be successful. You have several options. You can build mobile sites for each major mobile device platform individually, using browser-specific requirements. You can build device-specific mobile applications such as one for Android or iPhone platforms. Or you can invest in responsive design—a technique that uses a single code base and a single set of web content that detects the screen size of the device that is requesting the page and delivers the page optimized to fit the screen.

Each of these mobile commerce strategies can be effective, but building platform-specific or browser-specific versions of a traditional eCommerce site can result in a higher total cost of ownership over the life of the site. By comparison, a site using responsive design ensures that the greatest number of mobile users will be accommodated automatically, which makes it the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

When considering adding mobile commerce to your overall commerce strategy, adopting a single platform that supports multiple sites using responsive design is a very cost effective and innovative way to go. Insite is equipped to help you take this on and to determine what is best for your company.

To learn more about optimizing your eCommerce site for mobile using responsive design, download the white paper, Mobile Commerce Strategy: A Case for Responsive Design.

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