More-B2B-and-B2C-Ecommerce-Bad-DatesLast Tuesday’s article on B2B and B2C Ecommerce Bad Dates has spurred some suggestions of more bad ecommerce dates for your consideration. Here’s a few more ecommerce “bad dates” that we’ve all experienced:

The Snoozer ecommerce site. You hit the home page of The Snoozer and the site seems fairly status quo, albeit maybe a little bland at first glance. You figure that the good stuff is on another page. Further reading quickly reveals that the homepage was the most interesting page on the site, leaving you feeling sleepy and bored. The Snoozer is definitely a bad ecommerce date you leave early!

The Minimalist ecommerce site. At first glance, you like this site. It’s probably well-designed and easy to look at. It’s got a great sales pitch. The home page is especially attractive and you decide you want to buy. As you start to look for information on your intended purchase, red flags start to appear. Hmmm. What you’re looking for is not on the Product Detail page. Maybe on the Product Specifications page? Nope. Not there either. What quickly becomes apparent is that this site is taking the less-is-more approach to an extreme. You’ve stumbled onto a Minimalist ecommerce site. They have great products, but look and feel is way more important than content, and the Minimalist ecommerce site doesn’t want to clutter up its pages with copy, charts, or tables. You’re left wanting to buy, but lacking the answers you need to close the deal.

The Did-You-Bring-Your-Purse? ecommerce site. This ecommerce site is perfect. Okay, at least it looks perfect. It has a great look and feel, intuitive user interface and images that help convey the site’s message. It offers downloads and videos and webinars and interactive tools to help you choose the right product. “Great!,” you think to yourself. “I’m going to download this free whitepaper!” Nope–that requires you to enter your email address. Videos? Enter your company name, industry, and number of employees. Interactive tools? To get to use those you have to sign over your first-born child. Let me introduce the Did-You-Bring-Your-Purse? ecommerce site. To get to any content other than the HTML text on the page, prepare to pay…with your personal information. With this bad date, there’s no such thing as a free download.

The No-Show ecommerce site. Maybe you caught a glimpse of the site while you were surfing the web last night. Today, you’re ready to buy, but when you try to visit the homepage, you get an, “Oops! This page is out of service. Please visit us again soon,” message. So, you try again later and it still doesn’t work. Whether due to site maintenance, server issues, or any other excuse, the bottom-line with the No-Show ecommerce site is that it simply never loads.

The Left-in-a-Hurry ecommerce site. This site is definitely related to the No-Show ecommerce site, but it’s M.O. is different. The site loads properly and has all the engaging content that you would expect. You add items to your cart and the site fails. Or you start the checkout process and suddenly you can’t get the site to complete your order. You close your browser and try again. The same things happens. You’ve just experienced a Left-in-a-Hurry ecommerce site!

What kind of ecommerce “bad dates” have you experienced??

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