Measuring B2B E Commerce GrowthOnce your B2B e-commerce site has gone live, you will need to measure its results to determine the site’s impact on the growth of your company. What trends you choose to measure will depend largely on the goals of your e-commerce site. The ultimate goal of your site might be to increase revenue, expand the reach of your channel, or increase market share and stay ahead of your competition.

If the goal for your site is more revenue, you could measure the:

  • Number of transactions completed on the site.
  • Average cart total of each online purchase.
  • Average number of line items on each order.
  • Success of your online promotions and merchandising.

If the goal for your B2B ecommerce site is to increase the breadth and depth of your sales channel, you might choose to measure:

  • The number of new customers/ partners/distributors added via online ecommerce.
  • How many new sales territories were added during a particular period.
  • How many new products you are offering each season.
  • The number of new verticals reached.
  • The launch of a multi-channel strategy with expansion into a B2B2C initiative.

If the goal for your ecommerce site is to increase your organization’s overall market share, you might consider measuring:

  • The amount of market share that was maintained or increased.
  • Your competitive advantage as compared to your competition.

Keep in mind that each of these trends can be measured month-to-month or year over year as your site gains traction. Continued assessment of your site’s strengths and weaknesses will allow you to continue to improve your site over time and reap the best possible results from your efforts.

To learn more about how to make sure your B2B ecommerce initiative is a success, download the white paper, B2B Ecommerce Success – Seven Questions to Consider When Beginning an Ecommerce Initiative.