Software Solutions for Enterprise EcommerceBlogging for the good?  What in the world is that supposed to mean?  Good of what?  Good for who?  Who says “it” is good?

Which is exactly the point.

Enterprise manufacturers and distributors are quickly learning that they may be late to the ecommerce table.  For years, it was assumed that selling products directly from the corporate site was taboo.  It would conflict with the long-standing and hard earned relationships with their B2B (business to business) sales channels.

That myth is quickly being dispelled and more importantly, everyone is benefiting from the change.  The manufacturer can now use their website to create visibility for their products AND drive more business to their business parters.  Rather than creating a channel conflict, they are creating synergy to drive more revenue for themselves as well as the sales channels and distributors.

In other words . . . good for everyone.

So why blogg for the good?  Because someone needs to tell the story and we want to create the forum for everyone to share their success.  Rather than suggest that we are the thought leaders for the industries, we want to create a thought forum.

Do some good.  Share your thoughts.  It is good for the enterprise – yours and your industry.