Make Big Plans for B2B Ecommerce

I recently read a post about making big plans on Seth Godin’s blog that spoke to me both personally and professionally. (If you haven’t clicked on the link above to read his post, I encourage you to do so now. It’s short and definitely worth your time.)

The gist of the post is this: If you don’t make big plans, big things can’t and won’t happen to you.

That goes double for B2B e-commerce.

While e-commerce has long been the territory of B2C companies, that trend is quickly changing. B2B companies are launching their businesses on the World Wide Web via e-commerce every day and are reaching new customers and growing their businesses. Moving into e-commerce requires a B2B company to dream big, make big plans, and effectively change the way they do business.

And while that can be a little scary at first, it’s worth the effort.

When you make big plans and put those plans into action, you get big results. Make small plans, get small results. And if you make no plans? Well…you get the idea.

So, make BIG plans.

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Photo credit: Gene Hunt.