file-28549416The Internet Retailer Conference and Expo is just days away. There are so many vendors at the expo, how do you choose? Let’s make it easier for you. If you are a company who needs a B2B eCommerce platform and solution, then come visit Insite Software at IRCE Booth #1451.

Why Insite:

We are B2B at the core: The InsiteCommerce platform is built for B2B. B2B has its own unique set of very complex requirements to manage customer specific relationships such as specific customer account information, available inventory, pricing, promotions, and punchout capability. Fortunately, InsiteCommerce has these already built into the platform, saving you time and money when configuring your solution vs. needing to make lots of custom code changes.

Superior customer experiences: As our customer, we want you to have control over the immediate changes you want to make to your site. The InsiteCommerce management console allows your company to manage the content and the experience on your site without the need to be an expert in HTML. In addition, we want your customers to have a user experience that is similar to what they experience as a consumer, where they see all of their specific customer data, custom agreements, specific customer buying lists, lines of credit, pricing, and promotions all applied and visible the moment they sign into your site.

Agile and Affordable: There are many vendors who will talk about being a highly agile platform. We don’t just talk about it, we execute it. We have many customers who go live within 90-120 days. Many companies talk about fast time to market, but can they get you to market with a base product? At Insite, we have many unique customer stories of going live during the holiday period and within 60+ days. Come by and see us and we will share all of those stories with you. You certainly will not find as many quick to market stories as with InsiteCommerce.

 Accelerating Business Growth: Best practices going forward demand that a successful eCommerce platform can iterate and change as often as quarterly. Many of our customers work with largest companies in the world, and when they secure large business from customers, their revenues grow fast and furious. Some of our customers who are accelerating their growth are: Akron Hardware, Archipelago, Briggs and Stratton, Carnival Cruise Lines, Consumers Interstate Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric, Natori, Shorr Packaging, and Thule, and Tyreright among a few.

Given the demand of our onsite professionals at IRCE, please feel free to set up a time and date at during the conference for a personalized demonstration of our solution at 866.746.0377 or at